Several operations involving the nose are now possible. A standard surgical procedure is the alar base reduction to improve the appearance and proportion of one’s nose. If you want to know more about alar reduction and where the wings nose are cut (ตัด ปีก จมูก ที่ไหน ดี, which is the term in Thai), then remember the trick of narrowing or widening the base of the nose. The end outcome may bring about less noticeable nostrils and more balanced features.

Define Alar Reduction Surgery

Nose jobs, or alar base reduction, are cosmetic surgeries that reduce the size of the nose’s underlying bone structure. Patients with a broad alar basis are the target audience for this therapy (the bottom of the nose). Nose surgery narrows the base of the nostrils to lessen their size and appearance of flare.

Nostril size, flare, and form are highly individual, just like the rest of the nose and face. Because the individual patient is different and has unique needs, consider this treatment method if you’ve been experiencing chronic nasal problems.

There are three primary approaches to alar base excision surgery.

Here Are Types Of Alar Reduction Techniques:

  • Alar wedge excision.
  • Nostril sill excision.
  • Combined alar wedge and nostril sill excision.

Alar Wedge Excision

To minimise the alar lobule’s size and vertical length and rectify the frontal view’s excessive flaring, an elliptical excision is put in the alar crease, as shown in the illustration.

Nostril Sill Excision

The internal distance and the length of the nostril sill can be shortened, and the nostril size can be reduced by a surgical procedure called nostril sill excision.

Combined Alar Wedge And Nostril Sill Excision

A combined alar wedge and nostril sill excision is performed in situations with a broad alar base, significant flaring, and a sizeable alar lobule.

Alar Base Reduction: What Are The Benefits?

It is possible that you would benefit from alar base reduction surgery if you believe that the width of your nostrils and the base of your nose are too great. Some of the benefits of working with one’s nose include, but are not limited to:

  • Consequences arising from natural causes
  • Minimal scarring
  • Reduces the prominence of the nose.
  • It helps you maintain a proportionate nose size with the rest of your face.
  • It calms the nose and makes it less likely to flare
  • Reduces the need for intrusive rhinoplasty
  • Surgery to reduce the size of the patient’s alar bases has several positive psychological effects.


Your nose will look smaller immediately, but the incision site will be red and swollen for a few weeks. After four weeks, the outcome will be seen as the swelling subsides. Over several post-operative months, this will look better and better.

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