To promote body weight loss and decrease calories, the Optavia plan makes use of food replacements like bars, shakes, pre-packaged snacks, and other short, calorie-based meals. This diet chart claims that it makes weight loss more convenient while eliminating uncertainty. The vegetables and lean proteins are the main components of the diet, and sweets and high-calorie foods are strongly discouraged. The diet is not advised by experts.

Diet Plan for 7 Days

Optavia products replace many meals eaten whole day in all the food plans. Everything available is strictly limited in calories. Half a cup of veggies constitutes one serving. Here is just one example of the many ways the diet can be applied.

  • Day 1: the 3 servings of fish, egg whites, or shrimp, seven ounces total, two portions of healthy fats, and three portions of vegetables; one snack, like sugar-free food, dill pickle spears or celery sticks; and three meals (Optavia shakes or bars)
  • Day 2: 3 portions of 6 ounces each of trout, chicken breast, pork tenderloin, and 3 servings of vegetables (non-starch).
  • Day 3 – 3 servings of meat or poultry.
  • Day 4: One snack; three fuelings; three 6-ounce portions of shrimp, cod or egg whites; two portions of healthy fats; and three portions of veggies.
  • Day 5: Three servings of beefsteak, salmon, or dark meat meals, three food of non-starchy vegetables, one packaged Optavia meal, one snack, and three plans.
  • Day 6: the 6-ounce portions of chicken breast, fish, or pork tenderloin; servings of three non-starchy vegetables.
  • Day 7: One snack; three fuelings; three 6-ounce portions of shrimp, cod or egg whites; two portions of healthy fats; and three portions of veggies.

On the Food Diet, the foods you eat is in the form of pre-packed fuelings. Each feeding is said to be nutritionally comparable and portion-controlled by the manufacturer.

This indicates that they are interchangeable and offer the same nutrients whether consumers choose to eat a red bean or granola bar and veggie chilli, for example. There are about 50 options available, including bars, soups, drinks, cookies and pretzels.

Suitable Food

You’ll consume two to five of the company’s ready-to-eat meal replacements (referred to as “fuelings”) every day, depending on the Optavia Diet plan you choose. Additionally, one to three of your own low-calorie meals consisting mostly of non-starchy vegetables and lean protein will be consumed (“lean and green”).


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